Get started with this project and go live as fast as possible.



  • Fully designed pages including a beautiful ready to use contact form.
  • One project file built with F6 stacks only plus layouts with optional stacks. Visit the Stacks page for more info.
  • Great SEO header hierarchy to make your project have better results on search engines.



  • Everything contained in the Faroe light version
  • Ready to use customized blogging system - Check the preview
  • A beautifully designed Admin area (Check the preview) with 11 extra pages for a total of 18 pages.
  • Powerful integration with Total CMS lets you control almost every element of the website without even opening Rapidweaver.
  • The cms-data folder of this preview website so you can start editing from a good starting point.

Edit mode

The edit mode of this project is properly marked using the Pen stack (Free stack by Weavers Space). This will allow you to move much faster inside the project for its personalization.

When edits are needed the stacks are well organized, marked by a color structure consistent through the entire project. Clear and fast editing makes this project extremely easy to use and maintain.

Stacks Image 153

Edit style settings

For edit to the look and feel of the website head to the Site Style stack at the top of edit mode inside Rapidweaver. Edit in a click page wide settings. Every Foundation 6 swatch has a distinctive name and they are well organized by category with the free Pen stack following this structure:

Stacks Image 155

For edits to some page specific layouts head directly to the section you want to modify and you will find a set of swatches right above it.

Edit page headers images through the admin area (Avenue Pro) or to the page swatches section right below the Site Style partial at the top of the page in edit mode.TCMS Admin area

Total CMS Admin area

Available with Avenue Pro

The admin area is extremely intuitive to use. Visit the live preview and check the following gallery for more details. The admin area is provided only with Avenue Pro.